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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our prime objective at and we take pride in taking what ever measures that we possibly can in safeguarding it. Your surfing at our site is well protected with series of protective algorithms. That being established we at reserve the right to incur change our privacy policy at any given time. At any given time upon the changing of our privacy policy, you will be notified via a notification both before and after the policy change. An Email would be dropped into your mail box with the link to the current, live privacy policy statement.
Log Files
We operate the same other website servers do, and the usage of log files are put into action to carryout website commands. The log files contain a series of IP addresses, which are internet protocol addresses, the browser type being used to execute the website launching, the internet service providers in use, referring page links to the website from other resources, exit pages from the webpage, the type of platform in use, the date stamp for future record, time form for referencing and the board gathered demographic location and am pm time frame in use for Future dense mass analysis for better execution to onsite services. None of the information is used for anything other than service analysis and no personal data is stored in the log files.

For customer convenience and a faster onsite browsing experience many sites maintain webpage cookies, which in basically log information of the website stored onto the user device, for faster browsing and convince. Each individual device and user has their own set of custom created cookies. This how ever is not healthy for the device and can consume space and device data, it also allows easier access to companies, cookies are being used by most of our standard business partners . Which is why we take pride in stating that our website doesn’t use cookies, which are often accompanied with repetitive advertisements. Once allotted permission to post advertisements we are no loner in control of the set of cookies being used by our partners.
Google is serving as a alternative party to provide information and service, Google makes use of safe cookies for advertising on our website being out main business partner. Google makes use of precision based cookies known as DART cookies with the sole purpose to target specific audience for specific advertising which reduces the chances of spam and malwares. The DART cookies make use of the Google stored information of your web browsers to display the most compatible ads. You can select not to see Google and DART cookie enabled adds by contacting Google ad and networking content management policy and privacy statements.

Our website is linked with other networks and webpages to thoroughly provide you with due information and a better surfing experience. How ever we do not take any responsibility for the linked webpages and their privacy settings, user discretion is advised. We encourage our users to go through the privacy policies of every linked site before connecting and availing it’s service and making use of the information and content. To be safe from loosing any valuable personal information. This statement gives you complete information about the privacy procedures used by the establishment of this web page. Third parties are responsible for their actions respectively.
We outsource our ad placement with different ad placement companies and business service providers to play live ads on our website. These ads may or may not contain, cookies are however collect by our ad company to make sure of your safety and to double check online site execution. However we do not have any access to our users personal information. We are in functioning with an array of ad companies Google Adsence being out top service provider. We encourage you to visit Googles privacy policies to have a better understanding of it’s working methodology.

In case of any confusion or doubts about our privacy policies we encourage you to contact us right away. We are open to suggestions and always have room for constructive improvement for the satisfaction of our customers. Our Contact Us page will have the due information in this regard.

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